What To Expect At Your Complimentary Consultation

When you first come in to see us we want you to feel relaxed. There is no pressure or obligation, we’ll share a cup of coffee and have a conversation about your concerns.

The goal is to get a better understanding of where you currently are and where you’re trying to go with your planning and what obstacles you may be facing.

One of two things will occur by the end of this meeting; 1) We will mutually decide that there is value in moving forward to a second meeting OR 2) We will mutually decide that that not a good choice at this time and we can shake hands and part as friends. At no time is there a cost to you. Our clients always come first in this process.

Our Process, Your Experience

Meeting with us is an interactive process, the more information you provide, the better analysis and solutions we can deliver. This is a collaborative experience, working together to help educate, re-solve, re-structure and re-invent what you thought possible for your retirement.

RE-SOLVE: Is your current plan realistic? Are you missing out on income opportunities? Are there potential landmines down the road? Is your current Cash Flow realistic? We look for hidden opportunities to enhance and elevate your financial outcome.

RE-STRUCTURE: Are your assets structured to maximize returns and minimize risks or are you still at the mercy of future market downturns? Our in-depth analysis of your holdings will educate you on any unnecessary risks and inefficiencies that need to be addressed.

RE-INVENT: The final outcome of the planning process. The After of your Before. Our Retirement Re-Inventions help create greater Confidence and reduce Risk and Worry. We create Income strategies combined with Inflation protection to increase your Peace and Prosperity as you enter your retirement years.